IBM or I've been moved... Errr we have...

on Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Does anyone remember the old IBM? Back when they were the big cheese in computers? I always picture these very clean cut guys all dressed the same in the stiff corporate white button shirt and tie when I think of IBM. I believe that image came from an early Apple commercial.
Anyway, somehow in my mind IBM always seems to stand for "I've Been Moved", following how the corporation would shuffle their employees about every couple years to a new office.

Well, the actual point of this post, other than to dredge up some strange mind association within my skull is to let everyone know we have moved to a fantastic new website that Carolyn Cannon designed. At one time I thought I was pretty good with computers, but in my best days I could not have come up with what she has created for us. Got you curious, huh? Okay, just so you can see it for yourself, I'll post this last, limited time link to the new home of Storm Ridge.

I want you to know, evil Keith thought it would be great fun to somehow forget to post the link. Oh well, not giving into the dark side has Caleb and Lucy pouting a bit, but I played fair. Well, this time. Seeya you all on the other side. (sheesh, mind associations, somehow that phrase has me thinking of Pick Floyd and Dark Side of the Moon).


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