New web-site...

on Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Please visit our new site at:

Thanks so much!

Keith & Jo

IBM or I've been moved... Errr we have...

on Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Does anyone remember the old IBM? Back when they were the big cheese in computers? I always picture these very clean cut guys all dressed the same in the stiff corporate white button shirt and tie when I think of IBM. I believe that image came from an early Apple commercial.
Anyway, somehow in my mind IBM always seems to stand for "I've Been Moved", following how the corporation would shuffle their employees about every couple years to a new office.

Well, the actual point of this post, other than to dredge up some strange mind association within my skull is to let everyone know we have moved to a fantastic new website that Carolyn Cannon designed. At one time I thought I was pretty good with computers, but in my best days I could not have come up with what she has created for us. Got you curious, huh? Okay, just so you can see it for yourself, I'll post this last, limited time link to the new home of Storm Ridge.

I want you to know, evil Keith thought it would be great fun to somehow forget to post the link. Oh well, not giving into the dark side has Caleb and Lucy pouting a bit, but I played fair. Well, this time. Seeya you all on the other side. (sheesh, mind associations, somehow that phrase has me thinking of Pick Floyd and Dark Side of the Moon).

Clem and Iris on the road...

on Sunday, August 8, 2010

Since I managed to get some time from work, Jo and I decided to take the scenic way to Megan's house and the puppy party.

Clem and Iris watching, while we make a quick stop. You can just see the famous, "Well, are we there yet?"

Here we are up at Mt. St Helens, there is quite the view and you can still see the devastation after 30 years.

Here at Vista House is where Clem turned on her charm and had nearly every person who wandered by stop to give her attention, and there were a lot of people. More than a few had to have photographs with her. I have no idea how many photo albums Clem is staring in.
It was a good trip, a lot of beautiful county, and a great gathering at Megan's. Evil cute puppies, beautiful dogs and good people, what more do you really need. Clem did not make the return trip with us, she has located her new very bestest forever friend, Huxley. She has been staying with Carolyn until we pick her up this weekend. She is sorely missed by both Jo and myself, also by all the other residents of the forest retreat. so we will be pretty happy to get the adventurous young lady home, hopefully in a delicate condition.

birthday girl...

on Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Little Lucy would like to wish all her remarkable brothers and sisters a very happy and profitable one years birthday!

(message from Lucy) I was doing my walking around the house game where my tail is supposed to look like I am not having fun. Yeah, right... So we took pictures after...

See, sometimes I can be serious, serious as in, "hey, when we play this game I am supposed to get treats! I am getting cheated!" Anyway, to all my charmed siblings, have a great one years birthday! "okay, wheres my treats!"

Lucy's second win...

on Sunday, May 2, 2010

We have recieved the photo from the Monday show in Lewiston. Some of the other dogs dropped from the competition so this was not a major, but still the little girl showed well. Mandy believes she will grow to enjoy showing as much as Clem, which would mean loving second only to food

As you can see, Lucy took a down-grade in the handling department, as I was called to take her around for the best in breed competition. I didnt trip or mess her up to badly I guess, so I'll call it a success. I do need to remind myself now to look at the dog in the photo session not the camera, it is supposed to be her picture. Doh!

Lewiston dog show - Lucy

on Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lucy's first show photo arrived, as most have heard little Lucy has received her first points by winning a four point major. I am not sure that she enjoys showing as much as Clem, but she sure does try.

We are extremely proud of the little girl as she was in the middle of her first heat cycle during the show. Even slightly out of sorts, she was a trooper. When the next photo arrives, we will get that one up. (here's where I shudder)

Photos of Lucy and Daddy (Pilot)

on Friday, February 5, 2010

While at the Portland show we could not resist the chance to have a mini family photo session. Lucy is her father's daughter, she has many of his traits including that "horrible temperament" Meaning, if your face needs to be washed, they would be more than happy to kiss it clean.

Myself, I think I like the last one the best. Of course, if Lucy would have had her tongue hanging out on the second photo, it would have been priceless and so in character for both.